Monday, October 1, 2012

About the same

Reagan has been about the same today. Still pretty serious, cold/clammy hands and feet, but calm. She slept fairly well last night. She was awake at 6am but Mike went and laid down with her and was able to get her back to sleep. Right around that same time, I got a call that our nurse was not coming in. Thankfully, Grandma was still here today. Reagan is still having some issues with liquidy diapers (two today), so we went ahead and dropped off a stool sample at the lab. Hopefully it's nothing, but this is very uncharacteristic for her so it's worth checking into. Reagan has been calm and quiet today (with one big throw up), however her brother did not get the calm memo! Ryan has been very challenging. Very whiney, very fussy, not taking good name it! He has also decided that he hates riding in a stroller. He was a complete angel in the stroller for the walkathon a couple weekends ago, but ever since, we can't get him to go for even a short walk! I'm not sure what it is, but he freaks out every time we try to push him in the stroller...not good, not good (especially for a 23.5lb child)! Prayers that my girl is back to her happy, spunky self tomorrow!!! She's got an early doctors appt and then two therapies in the afternoon, so hopefully she's feeling better!


Kyla said...

Hope your beautiful girl is doing well today!

Jennifer said...

You just need to play Justin Bieber for Ryan in the stroller and all will be good :)