Monday, September 3, 2012

Cleaning up messes

Reagan slept fairly well last night (although I did find her completely sideways in bed again this morning). She's been good all day. Lots of smiles, but also lots of vocalizing (which often sounded a little on edge). Hand in the mouth NONSTOP! Eventually she may end up gnawing off her left thumb, she chews it so much! Mike is home all week and it looks like we're going to need him! We have a huge hole in the ceiling over the sinks in Reagan's bathroom. Apparently the overflow to our A/C got clogged and came out on top of the drywall. Big mess (and it's obviously happened before because there was a perfectly square cut piece of drywall in this location). Mike is going to attempt fixing it himself. Hopefully it works. Busy week. School starts and we've got all of our rescheduled appts from 2 weeks ago! Prayers that my girl continues to do well and also prayers for a smooth gj tube change tomorrow!!

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