Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet girl, a little nauseous

Reagan did OK last night. She started waking up right as I was heading to bed, but I laid down with her for a few minutes and she dozed right back off. Of course, her brother started fussing when I laid back much for getting some sleep on my own! I could hear Reagan laughing around 5-5:30am this morning but she was OK, so I waited til 7:30am or so to get her out of bed. When I picked her up, she had a big poopy diaper, so maybe that's what she was laughing about! She's been in a good mood today. Some crazy laughs, but all smiles! She had vision therapy this morning and the OT from the school system came and they did a joint session. Then her speech therapist came at noon and she chomped on some gummy bears and seemed to enjoy that. She's been a little spitty in her throat and a little gaggy this afternoon, so we decided to forgo the food. I did manage to collect some urine this morning (for a test her palliative care dr wanted to run), thanks to a better collection bag than the one we tried on Friday, so I was happy about that. I also managed to get in to a dermatologist appt for myself (while my dad watched Ryan). I've got horrible allergies and eczema which has manifested itself in horrible peeling and cracking of my fingers and about painful. It had to get this bad for me to finally get into the doctor (there's no time for me). This afternoon we took Reagan and Ryan for another walk. Ryan slept most of the time and Reagan laughed and had a good time. She was a little chokey again tonight and then finally (right before bedtime) she had a big, biley throw up! Poor girl! Thankfully I was able to elevate her head in her sleepsafe bed, so hopefully she'll be OK tonight (now if she starts rolling around, we may be in trouble)! Her brother has been a total handful today...temper tantrums, gagging and choking himself...he's seriously driving me crazy! Hopefully he sleeps off his craziness tonight!

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Heather said...

Um, that precious face of your boy, how can that child be driving you crazy??

Hope Reagan keeps things at bay and am so thankful that you all have that sleep safe bed for days and nights like these.

Prayers for your girl and for you too my exhausted friend.