Thursday, September 27, 2012


Reagan was a little tricky in the sleep department last night. She woke up around 2ish and Mike went in and was able to get her back to sleep. She woke up again at 4, but this time she wasn't going back to sleep! She laid in bed rolling around and talking to herself til 7:30...but when I went to get her, she was all is good! She's been a sweet girl again today. Lots of therapies...speech, school, and then PT (and the stander). She made it through everything, no problem. She's been a good girl today. Hopefully she'll sleep tonight, but she's fighting it right now. I've actually been trying to figure out how we can set up a schedule for her days. What the nurses should be doing with her between therapies. We've had such a hard time finding steady nursing... I feel the need to lay it all out for them because no one really seems to know what they're supposed to be doing. This is going to be a complicated process for me. Though I love structure and organization, I'm not good at implementing it (you should see her therapy room right now)! I tend to get overwhelmed and then just shut down...but this HAS to be done and I'm determined to have a schedule set up by next week. Hold me to those words. I think it will be better for Reagan, better for the nurses, and better for me. I need order!!!!!!!!!!! (Heather...where are you when I need you?!?!) Prayers that Reagan can hold it together and stay good for Grandma this weekend!!

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Heather said...

Well I am the queen of order and organization don't you know? And the scary thing is, I love it and get a weird charge out of it. I am strange. I am well aware of it.

I would like to say I will help you when I come and visit but I will be too busy spending time with those little ones, might not have the time.

Praying for a good day for you all and hoping that the nursing situation can be figured out somehow.