Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sleepy sleepy

Reagan has had a sleepy day today. I guess I should have seen it coming, the way she zonked out last night after the clonidine. But she woke up with such spunk this morning, I thought it was going to be a normal good day! She slept the whole night last night and then woke up this morning smiling from ear to ear with lots of energy. Super sweet, very rolly, happy to finally have her arm out of the restraint so that she could chew on her hand! We decided to go for a walk around 10am. It was bright sunshine outside (but still in the 80s thanks to a cool front...although the humidity was still high). Reagan and Ryan were both wide awake at the beginning and at least halfway through, but Reagan was out cold by the time we got home (usually it's Ryan that falls asleep on walks)! We laid her down in her therapy room where she proceeded to sleep the rest of the day...and night! I finally moved her into bed at 11pm. I guess my girl just needed to catch up on her sleep. She did spend a few nights awake and laughing so I guess she wore herself out, poor thing! Right now I'm the only one awake! Mike is snoring it up after an overnight flight and then working all day! Not sure if we'll be leaving tomorrow night or midday Friday for Austin (Mike might have to go in part of the day on Friday)...we'll see. I spent part of the day trying to get things organized for our trip (and making more of a mess than anything). I did a ton of laundry and somehow managed to put my iphone into the wash as well! So...for now I don't have a cell phone. I'm hoping it will dry out and magically work when I put it back together tomorrow!! It might be time for a new iphone!


Shannon said...

Ugh - water in the phone! Put it in a bag of rice for a day or two, the rice draws out all the moisture. Put it back together and it should work just fine. :)

Diane said...

We see a good block of time sleeping is usually a recovery time for Abby.. Sounds like Reagan soo needed it!

Hoping that means she will be a great place for your Austin trip!