Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poop talk

Reagan didn't sleep too well last night. Thankfully the night nurse was here to snuggle with her. She's been about the same as yesterday. Very smiles. Pretty tense, lots of chorea, three more liquidy diapers. Yep, that's right. I spoke to her doctor and she thinks she's got a little stomach bug. Hopefully she'll be over it by tomorrow. She's also got another big red spot on her bottom (we saw it yesterday afternoon). The doctor thinks it's from the poopy diapers but it looks eerily similar to the spot she had a couple of weeks ago (which she thought was cellulitis). I'm hoping it clears up and goes away along with the liquidy diapers! Sorry for all the poop talk! In other news, my big girl lost another tooth today!! The bottom left lateral incisor. This is her third tooth to lose! (Mike said she's got another three that are loose.) She was in her wheelchair after school and I saw something white on her strap. I thought it was a fuzzy, but it was her tooth!! I think the pulled it out when she was putting her fingers in her mouth! I'm just glad she didn't swallow it. Hoping my girl is feeling better by tomorrow and that she gets some sleep tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I got to talk about Reagan today with a complete stranger. I had my Reagan shirt on, and the waiter at lunch asked some questions.

Praying for less poop in the days ahead.