Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the mend

Reagan had a better night last night. She did wake up and get a little restless this morning, but so did her brother! She's been very serious today. No smiles whatsoever, but no crying either. She's had several big blow out diapers and she did get a little agitated while waiting for us to clean her up...but other than that, she seems much better. We were able to finally take her arm restraints off, so that's good. Baby steps. I'm just relieved to see her feeling better. She did have a big throw up that seemed to come out of no where and then she got very sleepy. I think the nausea really takes a lot out of her. She woke up just in time for speech and she just played with the ipad and took it easy. This afternoon she had vision therapy...again, just taking it easy. We don't want to push it. She seems to be on the mend, so no need to push our luck with her. We have our night nurse tonight and tomorrow night, so she'll definitely be well taken care of. She fell asleep early tonight, so hopefully she gets some good rest. Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers!!

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Diane said...

hoping she slept well last night!