Saturday, September 22, 2012

Not 100% but getting there

It's been kind of a weird day for Reagan. She slept last night, but I don't think she slept very well. She woke us up at 6am and she was WIDE awake, so no telling how long she had been up. She spent a good portion of the morning just watching her DVD player and kicking around on the floor. Around 11am or so, she dozed off and slept for several hours. She woke up and has been wide awake the rest of the day (it's 11:40pm as I type and she's still awake)! No more liquidy diapers today (thank God) but her bottom is still painfully red. We've been trying to let it air dry and just keep an antibiotic cream on it today...but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. As I said before, she's been a happy girl today, but still just a little off. She's a little tense and has periodically made sounds that are consistent with her being on the verge of freaking out (although she never did, thank goodness). She didn't like me raising my voice to the pharmacy people on the phone and she sure didn't like her brother fussing/crying. So she's still not 100%, but she's definitely closer to normal. Please keep it in your prayers that she fully recovers and gives us a nice long stretch of good days and that her poor bottom heals up ASAP!!

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