Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy squealy girl

Reagan slept most of the night last night (after sleeping all day yesterday) and then woke this morning all smiles and talking to herself! I got up with her and her brother around 7am. Reagan was happy and smiley all day. She did let out some questionable squeals here and there (mostly in the morning or when I tried to blowdry her hair), but she never went over the edge and managed to stay happy. She's sounded a little congested (nasally), so I gave her some saline and it seems to have helped break it up (although she's still not a fan). I've spent most of the day trying to organize and make sure I don't forget anything for our trip (and getting a new cell phone). Good thing we didn't leave tonight, because I'm still not ready. Hopefully we all get a good night's sleep and everyone behaves themselves for the drive tomorrow (and the whole weekend)!! Please keep us in your prayers!!

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