Friday, September 28, 2012

Miserable girl, miserable day

It's been a horrible day for my girl. It all started last night, when she woke at 2am crying. Mike got up with her but she wouldn't stop. So around 2:30am I gave her a dose of Lortab, she fell back to sleep and woke at 8am crying again. It's been a miserable day. We managed to get her calm this morning. She even had a good session of PT...but just as PT was wrapping up, I saw her face in the mirror and knew. She started crying and that was IT! She cried the rest of the day and night! Poor girl. And nothing was helping. Lortab, clonidine, ibuprofen...NOTHING. The Lortab helped her for 30-40min and then she was back awake and crying. Poor thing.I got nothing accomplished today. And what makes matters worse, her brother was refusing to take naps all day. I don't know if Reagan crying was stressing him out or what. It was a rough day for everyone. But my poor princess suffered the most! The only thing she seemed to like, was me picking her up and holding her (while standing). I can only do this for a few minutes at a time, but tonight it really did the trick and it was what finally got my sweet girl to doze off. Makes my heart melt! I love this girl too much!!! Please keep it in your prayers that she is feeling better by tomorrow (and gets some sleep tonight)!!!

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Diane said...

Oh I am so sorry! Heart breaking to see her suffer and not know what to do to help her.. big hugs! Hope she is feeling better this morning.