Friday, September 7, 2012

Mildly bad day

Reagan slept last night from about 11pm-5:30am. Her night nurse was here, so she picked her up and held her the rest of the time. No smiles, but she was content. Then this morning we had a fill in nurse here. I could tell that Reagan wasn't thrilled. She was thrashing around a lot, didn't want to be held, didn't want to lay on the floor. The crying set in around 9:30am...this was going to be a bad day! She cried for a while. I gave her Lortab and about 30min later, she fell asleep. Mike and I had eye appts to go to so we left and hoped for the best (we were only 5min or so away). She slept for about an hour and then woke crying again, but eventually fell back to sleep and was still asleep when we got home. I think I woke her when I had to change out her formula...then the crying started again. I tried some Ibuprofen...nothing. Then I gave her some clonidine. She didn't fall back to sleep, but she did calm down. We put her in her chair (the brown special tomato chair) and she seemed content to just sit there unbothered. That didn't happen though because I remembered that her palliative care doctor had wanted us to get labs done on a bad day. So I bagged her for urine and then we waited. Of course she didn't go when we had her in a good position. Eventually we just had to go to the lab because they were about to close for the day (and that's when she decided to go and it leaked right out of the bag and into her diaper). So no urine. She was surprisingly content in the car and the doctors office. She just didn't want to be messed with. She did cooperate though when they were doing her blood and they got it on the first stick! She was actually fine the rest of the afternoon/night. She just wanted to be in her chair and she wanted her space (and she did NOT like having her diaper changed)! Around 9pm, she drifted off to sleep on her own and Mike laid her in bed! Praying for a good night's sleep for my girl and that she gets over this with just a mildly bad day!!

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Clarissa said...

praying with you!! God bless you!