Saturday, September 29, 2012

Less fussy, still miserable

Reagan was up most of the night last night. Crying, restless and kicking around nonstop...poor girl couldn't catch a break. Today she's been less fussy. She just wants to be left alone. She doesn't want to be held, she really doesn't want her diaper changed...just leave her in her chair and she's good. We've experimented in taking her arm restraints off a couple of times but she's just too easily aggravated to leave them both off right now. Her hands and feet are cold and super clammy and her body gets so sweaty (and sitting in her chair certainly isn't helping). Tonight she was getting a little gaggy. I tried draining her tummy and got nothing...but the nausea is certainly there and her lips are getting dry from the acid coming up. Please keep it in your prayers that she turns a corner soon! I was really hoping Grandma would get to see her happy this weekend, but so far it's not looking good. Lots of prayers for the girl!

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