Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainy day

Reagan slept well last night. She was a little less restless and she and her brother both woke up early around 7am. Mike tried to play golf with my dad but they got rained out and came back after about half a round! We spent most of the day lazing around the house (as it poured outside). We went to brunch and then came back and Ryan and I took a nice long nap! Reagan never took a nap, but she was super sweet and smiley all day! We really lucked out this weekend! On our way to Austin, things were looking grim, but Reagan really turned it around and had a great couple of days!! (Definitely an answer to prayers!) Tonight my dad and stepmom watched Reagan and Ryan so Mike and I could go out to dinner alone. We went to Kerby favorite place in Austin! They have great breakfast 24/7, but we opted for the dinner menu (after vowing to come back tomorrow morning for breakfast)! Reagan and Ryan were great while we were gone and we got back just in time for Mike to watch some more football (and see how his fantasy football league was doing). Tomorrow we head back home! Hoping for a smooth ride back and a sleepy baby!

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