Saturday, September 8, 2012


Reagan slept pretty well last night (I think). She woke up this morning very serious but OK. Similar to yesterday, she preferred her chair and to be left alone. Each time I would change her diaper, she would get upset and start fussing. The third time I changed her diaper...was not the charm! I looked down and saw blood on her mouth! She bit her thumb (she probably would have bit it off, had it not been for the bone)! There are teeth marks on both sides of her left thumb. Ugh. She wasn't even putting her hands in her mouth today, so I never even thought about the chance of her biting herself. Needless to say, we put an arm restraint on her and she wore it the rest of the day! She's been very serious all day, but other than not liking her diapers changed (which of course she had a ton of today), she's been good. She had two huge liquidy diapers today...boy I'll be glad to get her off these antibiotics! Tonight she seemed to be getting a little more aggravated and the chorea picked up a little...but she was also getting nauseous as well. She started getting sleepy around 8pm and we put her in bed around 8:30 (very early for her...she did wake back up an hour or so later but went right back to sleep). I'm praying she sleeps well tonight and wakes without any nausea or irritability tomorrow! Daddy's going out of town on business and grandpa is coming to stay with us, so we need some easy days!!


Diane said...

Oh dear .. that must of been have a scary moment.. I hope once the antibiotics are complete, some of this will settle down! though, with a bite, it is probably good she is already on antibiotics.

bryna said...

I was wandering if u never thought about sending regan to school? What your chooses would be for schools for her as well.

Reagan Leigh said...

I don't send Reagan to school because she has a suppressed immune system (because of her mito) and then she also is not immunized (because of her seizure disorder and mito)...making school doubly unsafe for her. She's been getting homebound services (1hr of school twice a week as well as vision services) ever since she was 3.