Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Austin Walkathon

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. She slept some, but I heard quite a bit of laughing throughout the night. She was still laughing at 7:15am when I picked her up out of bed! She's definitely had the crazy laughs today, but she's been sweet. A little gaggy at times (I've drained quite a bit of fluid out of her tummy and she did have one big throw up), but overall it's been a pretty good day. She had school today and did well for that...but no other therapies. Tonight her chorea kicked into high gear and she couldn't sit still for even a second. I gave her some clonidine (thinking maybe it would help calm her down) and it knocked her out! She woke up when I tried to move her but the night nurse rocked her for a little while and she dozed back off. Sweet girl. I hope she gets some sleep tonight. We need the good days to keep coming as we have a very busy weekend! We're going to Austin for the first annual Energy for Life Walkathon- Central Texas! My dad started a team, so it was a good excuse to go to Austin to visit and walk for mitochondrial disease!! It's been a couple years since we've been to Austin, so we're looking forward to it! We're planning to leave Thursday night and come back sometime Monday (our sweet neighbor will come by and take care of our dog for us)! Please keep it in your prayers that Reagan continues to have good days the whole time and that both of them (but especially Ryan) behave themselves in the car!!!

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