Sunday, September 23, 2012

About the same

Reagan woke up around 2am and was wide awake again. Finally around 2:30am, I decided to try giving her Lortab to see if it would help her sleep. It did! She fell asleep and slept through til around 7:30am this morning. Her day today has been about the same as yesterday. She's still making a lot of crazy sort of noises (hard to tell if they're happy or on edge) and still very rolly and constantly chewing on her hand. Her bottom is finally starting to look better. It's still red, but not the bright, angry red it was yesterday and the day before. Hopefully we're done with all of that and she's ready to have a good week this week! Right now she's laying on the floor with her arm covering her eyes...looks like it's time for bed! Praying my girl can finally get a good night's sleep tonight!

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Diane said...

Oh I hope you she got a good night of sleep!

It makes all the difference.