Monday, August 13, 2012

Headed the wrong direction

Reagan was up off and on last night. She kept making noises and moving around and then falling back to sleep. Probably not the most restful night for her. She's been good today but you can definitely tell she's headed in the wrong direction. Lots of movement...rolling and squirming all over the place, kicking those legs nonstop, hands constantly in her mouth. Poor thing, she's tearing up her face with her fingers...she's got little scratch marks all around her lips (even though I'm constantly trimming her nails) and a her cheeks and chin are all red from the spit! Tonight she's been very vocal, but not in a good way. She's very much on edge and we're just hoping we can get her to bed and avoid a meltdown as well as any night time drama (no night nurse til tomorrow). Oops...spoke too soon...we already had a giant meltdown right before bed. Hoping the Lortab will keep her asleep for a while! We've got a super busy day coming up on Thursday and really need her on her best behavior (more details on that to come)...please keep it in your prayers that she gets over this quick and is good to go by Thursday!


Diane said...

Oh No! I sure hope she settles back into the good pattern- sending our prayers.

Diane and Abby

Clarissa said...

ahhh.... dislike those bad days!! praying she doesn't get too bad and that the bad days don't last long! We have been on the verge of bad days over here lately... she just hasn't bounced back to good days yet... but not having "bad days" either, so I'm thankful for that!!