Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cute pics

Reagan slept well last night but she did start moving around at 1:15am and her night nurse picked her up. She fell right back to sleep and then slept today. She had speech therapy this afternoon and her therapist brought her daughter. They sang to her and read to her...she loved it! (we got some cute pictures...notice the matching shirts) Then PT came and worked with her and afterward she even spent an hour in her stander (and ate some food) problem. She's still been a little gunky in the throat today. And very spunky this afternoon. Kicking and squirming, hands constantly in her mouth (fingers down her throat choking herself)!! Then tonight she's starting to sound a little fussy...thankfully the night nurse is here, but I'm hoping the clonidine will work and help her to settle down and fall asleep! Hopefully we can avoid heading into bad days...we are way too close to the weekend for this!! Prayers for my girl please!!


Abbey said...

Reagan looks thrilled to have someone her age to play with! They look so cute in the matching shirts!

Jamie said...

look at her looking RIGHT at her new friend! xo! Totally cute.

Anonymous said...

Yay! We love Reagan! Z had a great time too!