Friday, August 31, 2012


Long day. Reagan went to bed early last night and then woke up early this morning. Mike found her in her bed making noises, completely uncovered and kicking around at no clue how long she had been awake (thankfully she went to bed at I know she still got a decent amount of sleep). She's been in a pretty good mood today. A little more chorea than yesterday and some crazy laughs/yells here and there, one big throw up and a little chokey, but overall OK. She does however have this patch of redness right above her crack and we're not sure what it is. The nurse didn't notice it first thing in the morning, but then around 11am (after we took her out of her stander), she saw it. I was thinking it was probably just from the way she had been sitting (her skin gets red so easily) I figured it would fade. But it didn't. So this afternoon I started texting her pediatrician (who doesn't work Fridays). I sent her a couple of pics and she was certain it looked like cellulitis (possibly associated with those three poops she had yesterday). I'm skeptical but cellulitis isn't something you want to mess with so we started her on major antibiotics (clindamycin), we're keeping an eye on it, and watching for fever. Definitely need prayers that this clears up and goes well as no ill effects from these antibiotics!! Ryan has been such a handful today (Ryan is such a handful every day). All day he hasn't taken a nap longer than 15-30min...not giving me enough time to get anything done!! He's a whiner too, so if you're not engaging him at all times, he's unbearable!! He's pretty much sitting on his own now. He's been sitting with assistance for months and by himself for the past couple weeks. His balance has gotten better but he will still forget what he's doing occasionally and reach for something out of his reach and then topple over! He's also eating better. I took about a week off giving him solids (when we went to Atlanta) and ever since he's been gobbling up everything I give him. Still mainly oatmeal with fruit added to it, but he also likes yo baby yogurt (and anything we're eating). He still makes a face when you first give it to him (and does the occasional gag), but usually he'll eat it right up after that. He's still cosleeping. Ugh. What a mistake. Sounded like a good idea and now I can't get him to sleep anywhere else (or without using me as a pacifier). I still haven't gotten him into his crib...not even for naps!! So yes...definitely need prayers for Miss Reagan and prayers for her rotten brother as well!!

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Diane said...

Goodness! I sure hope it isn't Cellulitis- but am glad the ped takes her seriously!

Hope the little guy got the attention he wanted :-)