Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy but good day

Reagan slept well again last night...I sure wish her brother would follow suit! We were very happy to see smiles again today when Reagan woke up! We had a super busy day and really needed her on her best behavior! This morning we had an appt with her mitochondrial doctor (really just to get labs/urine for the Stanford study). Reagan was so good for her blood draw...this girl is a pro. She barely even flinches when she gets stuck! Then we drove home and she had just enough time for both OT and PT. Then we immediately hopped in the car, drove by the lab to drop off her urine specimen, and then back to the medical center for an appt with her PM&R doctor. Again, this was just a routine follow up. Her doctor does think we need to see about getting her a bigger stroller to get around in (she thinks the wheelchair is just not practical for things like doctors appts and I have to agree). She recommends the Maclaren Major...the special needs version of the stroller we currently have. We'll have to see...I'm not sure if we can get a stroller covered now that we already got a wheelchair! We didn't get home til 6pm!!! Talk about a crazy day! I'm just glad that my girl was so well behaved and happy (even when her brother was being a turd). Everyone enjoyed seeing Ryan at the doctors appts. He did best in the car (he likes the movement) and although he was a pain at times (making me carry him through the hospital while pushing his stroller), overall he did pretty well. He was really smiling it up for the PM&R doctor...and then he puked on her! We really have to get some video of him. His gummy smile is just too funny and he's so noisy with all of his grunting...I just have to get it on tape! Reagan was great all day. I am a little concerned because she's been a little sensitive to noises tonight and I can definitely smell the bad day smell on her. She was also a little spitty today and tonight she made a few gaggy noises. I'm hoping and praying she can hold on and not go into a bad cycle this go round, but I'm super grateful that she's done as well as she has these last five days. Please keep her in your prayers!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Happy and smiley are just what I like to find when I check in. And, that darling Ryan, he will get there, promise.

Prayers for good days ahead.

Love to you all.

The VW's said...

Glad Reagan is having some good days, especially with how busy you were today! We recently got a Special Tomato push chair for Gavin, and we love it! It's still big, but it's probably more light weight than her stroller and it's more comfortable than the Maclare. Here is a link to it at Adaptive mall.

Hope the good days continue for you guys! : )