Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beyond miserable!

Reagan did not sleep through the night last night. She did however get a decent amount of sleep in her chair. She woke up around 12:15am right as I was crawling into bed. Her nurse left her there for a bit but she kept talking to herself and was obviously not going back to sleep, so she went and picked her up. That's when the crying started. She cried inconsolably for about an hour and then finally fell back to sleep around 2am in her chair. She slept there til around 9am this morning. Today she's been pretty much screaming crying every waking moment. It's times like these that we just don't know what's going on with her. Is she in pain? She sure seems to be, but who knows. This morning the crying was going on and on, so we finally gave her some Lortab. It seemed to help because she fell back to sleep less than 10 min later. She's been sleeping off and on ever since. When she's awake, she's hysterical. Crying her breath away til she's purple. Her poor little voice is all deep and hoarse. She's sweating up a storm and you can feel her heart pounding out of her chest, but her hands and feet are completely dry and warm. Our night nurse is coming again tonight, so that should be good (especially for Mike). I just hope Reagan pulls out of this fairly quickly because Grandma is coming to see her this weekend for Easter (you know, Grandma is the Easter bunny)! Please keep our miserable girl in your prayers!!

This is a video from her last bad cycle. This is more we have more crying...both are horrible.

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Jamie - AZ said...

Poor baby! If only she could tell you how she is feeling. I so know the feeling. Praying she pulls through the night with rest and not tears.