Sunday, April 1, 2012


Reagan slept through the night again last night. She woke up smiling and has been a good girl all day today. She's been very active. Moving, moving, moving. Super rolly polly...we had to constantly keep moving her back on her wedge because she'd wiggle her way all the way off of it. Her hands have been in her hair all day today as well. One concern we do have though is that she's been a little clammy. She also got the pouty lip and teary eyes for Daddy this morning. I honestly can't deal with bad days yet...we've only had three good's WAY too soon for bad days. Tuesday we've got two doctors appts we really need a good day. And to top it off, the nursing agency called tonight to let me know that we won't have a nurse Monday! Great. I'm so sick of this agency. Please keep it in your prayers that Reagan is good tomorrow because she really needs more good days and I need to be able to make it through the day with both kiddos!!!

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