Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well again last night and woke this morning just as sweet as sweet can be. Mike went in to work today, so I spent the whole day with both kiddos and let me tell you, it's not easy even on a good day. Which scares me a little because our nurse forgot to renew her nursing license and we already know for sure she won't be able to work Mon/Tues but she may not be cleared by Thurs/Fri which will probably be bad days!! So please say some prayers that either Reagan skips her bad cycle this week (that would be awesome) or that everything gets cleared away and her nurse can work this week...or both! Reagan has been very laid back and relaxed today. I got so many smiles today from my girl, which led me to discovering that she has another loose tooth! Her top middle left incisor is super loose! I also got Mike to shine a flashlight in her mouth and I was able to see that her bottom middle left incisor (which she lost back in January) is finally coming through the gums!!! Mike was joking that it would be better if her permanent teeth just didn't come's not like she needs them to eat and she does quite a bit of damage to her poor fingers with them (and us). Her pointer finger on her right hand has taken a while to heal where she bit it along the cuticle...turns out, she bit all the way through the nail. Now she's got a big gap where there isn't even a nail along the nail bed of that finger. Poor thing. For now, we're just enjoying her good days. I've kept her hair down so she can run her fingers through it all she wants. She's loving it. Such a sweet girl. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!!

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