Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet girl, sleepy boy

Reagan didn't want to go to sleep last night but finally with the help of clonidine, she drifted off and slept the whole night through! She woke up smiling this morning and she's been smiling ever since. She had a 10:30am appt with the special needs pediatrician to discuss medication changes but we never made it past the waiting room (this doctor sees a lot of kids that require medical transport and apparently this was the morning they all showed up late for their early morning appts). We waited over an hour and a half until I finally decided we weren't going to wait any longer. I spoke to the doctor before we left and he thinks it might be worth a shot to try increasing her clonidine on bad days. So that's the plan. We've got an appt next week with him (on Reagan's birthday), so we'll talk more then. Normally we would have waited, but I had a baby to get back to...little did I know, he slept most of the time we were gone. And then he slept most of the day today. I probably should have slept while I had the chance! Ryan has been a sleepy boy and Reagan was a darling girl today. So smiley and so sweet. She did great for speech therapy and my dad and stepmother even took her on a walk. The dog loves it when they come to visit...he never gets to go outside that much! Of course tonight we noticed him limping...just what we need!

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T said...

Sooo excited to see some pictures of Reagan with Ryan!