Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still sleepless and miserable

Reagan was up the entire night again last night. She'd sleep for short spurts here and there, but overall, she really didn't get any sleep. She was also very fussy at times, which is challenging when you're sleep deprived and up in the middle of the night. Poor Mike was up with her for a while and then still had to get up and go to work this morning. I don't know how he's doing it. It's not like I have time to rest during the day, but at least I'm not having to go to work and be productive (of course I'm not being very productive at home either). Reagan went between two extremes today...she was either crying hysterically or groggy and falling asleep. She took several naps today, but she was very twitchy so her naps ranged from 5min to about an hour max. When she slept for an hour we were starting to get our hopes up thinking she was out for good. But no, she woke back up. She's beyond exhausted. Her eyes are all red and have circles under them. We did see the startles today as well...I'm not a fan of that. I decided to not put another clonidine patch on her, since that's the only medication change we've made recently. I actually didn't give her any clonidine tonight. She seems to be plenty groggy on her own and she's in her bed for the first time in almost a I'm praying she sleeps.

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