Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slightly on edge

Reagan slept well again last night and was a smiley girl this morning. She was super snuggly and the two of us cuddled for a while until Ryan woke up. Mike slept in a little, while I managed both kiddos and all was good. But shortly after Mike got up, I don't know if it was us talking or what, Reagan started to get sensitive and teary eyed!!! Totally unexpected. We also noticed her hands were cool and clammy. Uh oh. She was slightly on edge throughout the day...but she was a good girl overall. She just wanted to be held nonstop and we had to watch our tones around her. She was a cuddly girl all day and Mike and I both got our fair share of snuggle time. This afternoon my dad and stepmother came in to stay with us for the week. It was their first time to see Ryan. They are actually going to watch him tomorrow morning when we go to see Reagan's doctor to talk about possible medications to try to stop her bad days. This will be my first time to leave him and also his first time to try a bottle...we'll see how that goes. Hopefully he'll do a lot of sleeping for them! (otherwise there will probably be a lot of crying) Sorry...still no pictures....I'm a slacker!

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