Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sleepy but fussy

Reagan slept through the night last night!!! Thank goodness! She woke up a little after 8 this morning and was still very fussy. Lots of moaning, lots of whining, and crying's a good thing she was sleepy today and took several naps to keep her nurse and Grandma from going crazy!! She spent a lot of time in her chair today...wasn't a fan of being put down. They had to put the arm restraint on her because she was quite herself and others! It was just an all around yuck day for my girl! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!! I sure do miss her!! We will be going home should be interesting to see how I'm going to juggle Reagan and Ryan at night! Something tells me Daddy isn't going to be getting much sleep for a while either!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Thinking of you and sending love. My friend Cammie, who has Addy, surprised me on my doorstep yesterday by flying in form Missouri for Zoey's party ... the shock is just now wearing off. Been busy preparing for the festivities tomorrow but will call tomorrow. Will understand if you don't answer.

Kiss that baby boy for me and saying prayers as you all adjust to your new life as a family of 4.

Clarissa said...

congrats on baby Ryan! glad everything went well! praying you are able to get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Blessings to you all on baby Ryan's debut!!! I hope Reagan feels better soon and I will see you all this week.