Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleep (for Reagan)

Reagan slept last night!!!! Thank you God! She actually slept from about 10:30pm to 10am this morning!!! She needed that! She woke up smiling and has been happy ever since. So glad to see smiles again. Today I took Ryan in to the pediatrician just to get checked out, he's 4 weeks old today and still a little jaundice. The doctor said he looks fine, probably just breast milk jaundice, but they ran some blood work just in case. Of course while we were there he was on his best behavior. The doctor examined him thoroughly and seemed pleased with everything. He is 11lbs now!!! He's an eater. He also likes to ride in the car. We've taken him in the car a few times now and every time he's been as good as gold. I sure wish Reagan would have liked riding in the car...that could have made our lives a lot easier! Ryan is also a grunter. He grunts about everything. He's constantly making noises. He's a crier too...although he's finally getting to where he can be awake for a little while and not cry...just a little while though. Baby steps. He also used to cry every single time I would lay him down to change his diaper, now he rarely cries when he's getting a diaper change. Last night he really was giving us a hard time! Reagan finally sleeps and he's up screaming his head off! He's a turkey! Hopefully we all get some sleep tonight!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Hope the sleep is continuing today and that you all are managing to rest while you can. And as for Ryan, I do believe he is getting the hang of this thing called life. I also believe, that just as I told you, he is going to turn into a pretty easy little guy.

Love to you all.