Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleep at last

Reagan started off in her bed last night but she was restless. She did sleep a little...but she was wide awake at 2am when her brother was still refusing to stop nursing and just go to I decided to just get up with both of them. Ryan's cries woke up Grandma so everybody but Daddy was up at this point. We got Reagan situated in her chair where she finally dozed back off around 4:30am. Ryan didn't fall asleep til an hour later and I was finally able to lay back down with him (talk about a long night). Reagan stayed asleep til 10:30am when we were talking about transferring her to her bed and she woke up. She was in a decent mood, I wouldn't say she was happy, more mellow than anything. Her speech therapist came and worked with her at 11, even though she had just woken up and wasn't super interactive. She was awake but drowsy and then finally fell back to sleep around 3pm and is still asleep now. I'm guessing she'll keep sleeping and finally sleep through the night tonight. The night nurse is not going to have much to do tonight...but she deserves an easy night...Reagan has been a real turkey the last few nights she's worked.

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