Friday, March 2, 2012

Reagan has had a bit of a weird day today. She only slept til 3:30am this morning and then her nurse had to get up with her. She was happy this morning...a little crazy but happy. Then as the day went on she became very sensitive and also had some issues with nausea. From what I hear, tonight she threw a couple tantrums when she was watching her movie and it stopped playing! She didn't want to be held or sit in her chair...she just wanted to lay on the floor with her movie. My mom and her nurse both think she's upset that I'm not around but who knows. I just hope she sleeps tonight and lets grandma and her nurse get some much needed rest!!! Please keep her in your prayers!!!
Now I'm off to deal with her whiny little brother!!!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

And life goes on ... just like that.Back to posting like you didn't JUST have a baby!!

Whiny? No way. Just abruptly dropped into this life and trying to figure out why he isn't in his cozy little home anymore.

Prayers all around. So excited to see pictures of when you introduce Reagan to Ryan.

charity said...

she probably is upset that your not around but hopefully she will let your mom and the nurse get some sleep and hopefully she has some more good days again