Monday, March 5, 2012

Reagan and Ryan

Last night was a rough first night home for us all. Reagan was up nearly the entire night, only sleeping for small stretches of 15min or so here and there. When she wasn't asleep, she was angry and bitey and poor Daddy had to tend to her all night long on the sofa. I was in our bedroom with Ryan who also didn't want to sleep. He kept waking up and wanting to nurse, then he'd fall asleep nursing, but the second I tried to move him, he'd wake up again (wanting to nurse). It was a looooong night. I got up this morning feeling much more sore than I had in days...probably because getting up and down out of a real bed is much harder than from an inclined hospital bed. Reagan was a little less fussy today and just more stressed/tense. Grandma took her for a long walk outside and she actually did really well. Her speech therapist came and worked with her and she also did pretty well with that too. She's spent a lot of time in her chair, arm restraints on most of the time, still just not feeling quite right. I'm hoping she's gonna pull out of this soon. It sure would be nice to see our girl feeling better again. Tonight she's looking tired (and we have a night nurse), so I sure hope she's able to finally get some rest. Ryan has been good, sleeping a lot, but when he's awake, he wants to nurse...which leaves me with little time to do anything other than nurse!! He also has a bit of a temper (he may take after his sister in that respect) and when he doesn't get what he wants immediately, he has no problem belting out a piercing cry! But overall, he's still in the sleepy phase. He eats, sleeps, and wants to be held. He definitely prefers being held while he's asleep more than being put down. Not good. He does seem to like the pacifier though and that's something we really want to encourage! With Reagan we never even gave her one in the beginning (and she wouldn't take one later), but we were all worried about having to break bad habits later. But now we are wiser and we definitely know the value of soothing and if a pacifier does the trick, then we're on board!!! Time for me to try to get some rest...after I tend to Ryan again!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Oh. My. Gosh. He is so darling. Really, really darling.

You will get in a groove before long. You know, that ever changing new normal. Everyone just needs to settle in a bit and Ryan just needs to get use to this life in general.Always think it is just such a rude awaking, being born and all.

Love to you guys and keep your eye out for a package going out in the next few days.

Mel said...

He is a beautiful boy! I love babies in gowns! So happy for the four of you!