Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick post...more tomorrow

Today has been a rough day...emotionally. I'm exhausted both physically and emotionally. Ryan was up a lot last night (crying) and Reagan didn't sleep a wink. I'm busy trying to feed Ryan and keep him quiet all the while Reagan is super stressed, tense, and miserable and all I want to do is hold her. I haven't been able to give her much attention since I've been home and that really upsets me. All of the stress is really getting to me and I'm an emotional wreck. We need things to turn around for her. Soon. She's had ridiculous chorea today (can's be still for even a second) but you can tell that she's beyond exhausted...her body just won't let her rest. Tonight she's also been nauseous. Please pray for her. I'm going to go feed Ryan and try to get a little sleep...Daddy is in the living room with her and I can hear her screaming (I think she heard Ryan crying)...keep us all in your prayers!


Lauren said...

It is a very hard adjustment to bring a new baby home with a special needs child. I promise, it gets better!! Congratulations, and he is beautiful. He will bring so much joy to your entire family! I pray for all of you and wish you lots of sleep and happiness :)

Jamie - AZ said...

Lauren is right it will get better!! Promise, promise, promise! :) When we had Jack he wasn't happy unless he was held or eating. It took a couple of weeks to get feeling some what normal! We loved his binki and also the swing was very comforting to him on that very slow speed when I just had to get stuff done. I remember crying myself as much as the baby would those first few days. It was pure exhaustion and once I slept for several hours at a time I felt like a new momma! :) Sorry it is so hard but like I said it will get better. I also loved my crock pot more than ever!! Prayers all around~ always. Hugs to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.

Jenefer in San Jose

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I love you and would do anything to be there to help. I truly would.

Right now your hormones are going crazy and life has been turned upside down. Yes in a beautiful way but also in a most stressful way.Your road is different then most when it comes to bringing home your second born but I tell you this. I have watched you live your life the last 4 years, and do things and endure things that most would crumbled under, but you have found your way. With faith and grace and your amazing no fuss attitude. You will all find your way. I promise that too.

Sending love and prayers. Lots of both.

Clarissa said...

praying for you all! i know how hard it is to adjust to a new baby along with a kiddo with mito and all that comes with it. :( its very hard and i will be praying extra hard!