Friday, March 23, 2012

OK...don't panic!! I completely forgot to do the blog!! Yes, things are a little hectic here. We're trying to prepare for Reagan's party on Sunday, so my mind has been elsewhere. Here is my quick post for Friday...

Reagan was restless last night...we heard her "talking" to herself several times, so we're not sure how much sleep she really got. She was a happy girl though, so that's good. She was super sweet all day. At times she was a little groggy, but it's hard to say if that was from starting the clonidine patch or just lack of sleep. We're still hoping and praying that her good days keep coming so she can enjoy her party Sunday. We're going to have a bouncy castle and a bubble we need a happy girl!!! Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!!!


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Reagan!!!!!

Such a wonderful celebration to celebrate her must be exhausted to have skipped a post :) you are so diligent about blogging!
The pictures are so cute...looks like Reagan is loving having a baby brother!

Have a wonderful party tomorrow....Reagan always seems to pull off "good" days for such events...I have all the faith she will have a great day!

Jamie - AZ said...

Oh I was so worried!! :) I was going to call and check on you. Prayers for a Happy Birthday & fantastic weather. Love & hugs!