Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not much progress...prayers needed

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. Thankfully for us we had a night nurse, but our poor girl is still exhausted and could definitely use some rest. I'm hoping she'll be able to get some sleep tonight...otherwise it's going to be a long night for everyone. This morning she seemed to be feeling a little better. The chorea had decreased significantly and she was very calm (her heart rate had decreased down to her normal resting rate of about 120). I went ahead and took off her arm restraint thinking it would be safe, but an hour or two later the movements picked back up and I heard her gnashing her teeth and figured it would be safer to just put it back on. Her hands and feet are still ice cold and she's been gagging and retching off and on all day, so we're not out of the woods yet, but we're obviously nearing the end. Tonight the chorea was in full force, so I sure hope she's able to get some sleep tonight, Lord knows she needs it! She was also doing something tonight that looked like a startle (with her arms) and has us feeling very uneasy...those of you that have been through this, know what I'm talking about. Hopefully it's nothing. Pray it's nothing. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Jamie - AZ said...

Saying lots of prayers for your sweet princess always. My heart goes out to her, and all of you. Your are such a special family with amazing faith who needs a break from all of these bad days! I really do hope tomorrow is a good day that she so needs. Love & Hugs

jocalyn said...

it's nothing. praying it's nothing.
the way we view it is...if you see it more than once one right after the may be something. otherwise...nothing.
hang in there.