Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mommy meltdown and 2 week doctors appt

Reagan did manage to get some sleep last night. The night nurse said she slept from 1-6am and then off and on after that...of course none of that was in her bed, but that's OK, sleep is sleep. She was fussy most of the day today but she did take a few short naps. Mommy had a slight mental breakdown today when Reagan's nurse left due to back pain. With Reagan being in the state that she's in, Ryan being super needy, & my hormones going crazy...I just lost it!! Thankfully my Dad and my stepmother were here to help me out (and they are staying to help tomorrow as well). Please say some prayers for Reagan's nurse, I'm 100% dependent on her now that Ryan is here and I really need her healthy and back to work next week!! We also need some prayers for our girl to start feeling better. These bad days are really taking a toll on her (and all of us). She's now on a higher dose of clonidine (0.05mg 3x day) and we're hoping that maybe that will give her some relief. Lots of prayers needed in that department! Also...prayers for sleep would be good. We don't have a night nurse tonight and Daddy is on Reagan duty, so hopefully she'll sleep some because he has to go to work in the morning! In other news, Ryan had his first doctors appt today...his 2 week visit. He weighed 9lbs 3.6oz and was 22inches long (that's 2 inches in 2 weeks...someone didn't measure correctly when he was born)! And the measurement we were the most concerned about, his head circumference, is 15inches which is in the 75% percentile. Thank you Lord. He is a little jaundiced but the doctor said that is normal in breastfed babies. All in all, he looks good. He was not happy about the heel stick for the newborn screening (he was quite the bleeder), but he eventually got over it. I've opted out on doing vaccines (for at least the first year...I'm just not willing to take that risk), so he didn't have to go through any of that. His next appt will be at two months.


Jamie - AZ said...

Just returning from our vacation, we went to La Jolla for a week. Catching up on Reagan & Ryan. I love the pics thank you! :) Ryan is so adorable and has already changed so much since the last picture I saw. I wish I could hold him! :) We talked on the way home about figuring out a time when we could meet your family. One of these days. Great news about Ryan's head circumference & weight! Hope the increase of Reagan's clonidine helps her & prayers for the new nurse. Love and hugs to you all!

Clarissa said...

I know your latest post states that Reagan is doing a little better, but I'm still praying! Trust me, once Ryan is a couple of months old, everything will be going much smoother! *HUGS*
We are always worry about our babies head circumfrences too, since that was one of the first signs Abigail had something going on (microcephaly)... and since Abigail, my 3 babies haven't had ANY immuniziations and they are my healthiest kids (my oldest had all of his shots through age 2 and Abigail got hers til 9months old!). Hadassah (3) and Marcus (2) haven't been sick much at all and new baby is just 5 weeks old, but healthy so far. I really believe that Abigail's mitochondrial disease was jumpstarted with her immuniziations, but of course have no proof. Anyway... sorry to write a book! Praying for health for Ryan, rest and strength for you and your husband, and of course comfort, rest, and happiness for sweet Reagan!