Thursday, March 8, 2012

Horrible night but sleep at last

First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and most of all prayers! It's certainly been a rough past few days. Unfortunately last night was no better. Reagan was crying nonstop last night...her nurse felt so helpless she was crying as well (I certainly know that feeling). Her nausea wasn't as bad, just because her body can only do one or the other, and last night hysteria won. She was kicking and screaming and fighting...her nurse even took her into the kitchen to get her further away from our bedroom in hopes that she wouldn't wake us up. It didn't work, we could still hear her. She slept about 30min after her dose of clonidine, then I got up when I heard her screaming and gave her some Lortab and Mike laid beside her til she fell asleep and she slept 1hr, then she slept another hour later on...but she screamed every waking moment in between. This morning wasn't any better. You could tell she was beyond tired, but she just couldn't fall asleep. I gave her another dose of clonidine but it didn't seem to do much. Then right around 11am, I took her from her nurse and held her. She was fighting me nonstop, but I put her on my knee and bent her over at the waist and she seemed to calm down. The next thing I knew, she was OUT. I put her in her chair where she slept til 4pm. I was really hoping she'd continue sleeping, but at she seemed significantly improved when she woke up. She wasn't happy or smiling or anything like that, but she was much calmer and no longer nauseous. She had this groggy/out of it look in her eyes...but who can blame her, going on no sleep for days. We gave her a bath and then around 6:30pm she dozed back off. Mike put her in her bed (for the first time in days) and she was OUT. She's been sleeping soundly ever since...praise God. Hopefully she'll sleep through the night and even some of tomorrow to let her poor body rest from all of these bad days. Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep them coming...we need a nice long good streak this time around so our girl can recover from all she's been through!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Oh we just gotta have good streak here. We just have to. So will pray it to be and cross everything we have and well, rest and happy days have got to be around the corner.

Hang in there my sweet little family. You all will find your groove. This I know.

Love from California.

Jamie - AZ said...

Yay for sleep!! Thank God, and I will be praying it continues. Hugs to her & you too! More baby pics please :)

Gracesmommy said...

Praying for continued sleep and good days ahead!

Anonymous said...

HI, I pray your daughter gets better. i have a special needs son and then had a baby a few years later and I know it a very dificult transition.I wanted to throw out an idea. my son had these same crying fits as your daughter and it took a year and a half to figure out. It ended up being c-diff from antibotic usage. he did not display the typical sypmtoms so it took so long to catch and like your daughter he is non verbal. Just something to look into if you have not. I hope that I am not stepping on your toes, i just know how helpless it can feel to not be able to make them better. we are finally recovered and doing great and enjoying both kiddos. good luck.