Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hold on

Another late post today...between preparing for Reagan's birthday party and having Ryan attached to me at all times (literally)...I haven't had a free second all day! Reagan didn't sleep in her bed very long last night, but the night nurse said she slept a good amount in her chair and in her arms. She hasn't been smilely at all today, but she's still been good. Even with all of Ryan's crying, she never let it get to her. I'm just praying she'll hold out and have a good day tomorrow for her party. She's due for a couple extra good days!! You know, a year ago on this day we were in the ICU after almost losing her! Very scary! We are blessed to still have our girl!!

1 comment:

Jamie - AZ said...

Very blessed indeed! Still praying for sleep and a fun party for your princess.