Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad days & birthday pics

Reagan had a rough night last night. I'm not sure how we're going to manage her not sleeping, but Mike getting up with her on work nights just isn't going to work long term. Problem is, my hands were full with her brother, who decided he didn't want to sleep last night and was fussing nonstop. Ugh. These kids are going to be the death of us. Poor Reagan is still miserable. The chorea has picked up and she can't hold still for a second. She's moving and biting nonstop. She's got a scratch below her eye...we're not even sure how she got it. She's also somehow still able to bend the double reinforced arm restraint we just got! What are we going to do with her?!?! Fussy-wise, she's done less screaming and crying today than yesterday (and less yesterday than her usual first bad day) but her hands and feet are cold and clammy now (they weren't at all yesterday or the day before). Really the only sign we had that she was headed into bad days was her gnashing her teeth and the fact that she had already had 6 good days. Hopefully this will be a shorter and more mild bad streak. Our birthday girl deserves a break!! are some party pics from yesterday...

The same lady that made Reagan's 4th birthday cake also made this beautiful one!

Grandma cut all of these flowers out by hand!!

I got Reagan's cute purple outfit on Etsy!!

Reagan's speech therapist helping her open presents!

Ryan slept nearly the entire time and had everyone thinking he was an easy baby!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

One of these days, one of these Birthdays, I am going to get there and celebrate with you all. I really am.

Reagan looks beautiful, even while not feeling weep and Ryan, dare I say maybe he is getting use to the world?

Love and prayers to everyone, especially to Reagan who needs a nice long happy, smiling streak.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I meant feeling "well" but maybe weep actually works! Me and my posting difficulties tonight, geesh.

Jamie - AZ said...

The cake and Reagan's outfit are beautiful! Reagan really does look older to me she is so pretty! :) Prayers in the sleeping dept. for both of your babies so mom and dad can get caught up on the sleep you do without so often. Hope tomorrow is a happy day!

Jamie said...

Beautiful Cake! Im lucky if I get to grocery store for one! LOL or Betty Crocker helps me!madie cant eat the sugar anyhoo with the Keto Shtuff..:P haha Happy Birthday sweet girl and more good thoughts from CT to get some sleep!

Krissy said...

Reagan is so beautiful! Poor sweet girl! Love her dress and cake!