Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Very fussy

Reagan slept from 10pm-4am last night. The nurse picked her up and changed her diaper and then she fell back to sleep in her arms where she slept til 8am. I'm glad she got some decent sleep. It didn't help her mood though...she woke up this morning very fussy. She's been in quite the mood all day today. Not a lot of crying (although laying her down to change her diaper really gets her riled up), mainly just fussing and moaning (sounding something like an angry baby tiger). She's been pretty miserable all day. Lots of chorea, gnashing her teeth (constantly trying to bite her hand...even with the restraint on), she's tired but so restless it's hard for her to fall and stay asleep. Hopefully she'll get some rest tonight...she did seem exhausted when we put her to bed. Please keep it in your prayers that she starts feeling better soon. This last good streak was only really 2 days long...we could SO use some good days!!!

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