Friday, February 24, 2012

Up all night

No, I'm not talking about the new Christina Applegate show (although it is pretty funny)...I'm talking about our night last night. Reagan was not falling asleep last night so I sat up with her. Of course, I was thinking she'd eventually doze off, but she never did. She was also very fussy. Lots of whining/yelling, crazy amounts of chorea (arms flailing, legs kicking), and of course the biting. Ugh. Not a fun night. I never made it to bed and I really only dozed off for a few minutes here and there (the same amount of sleep Reagan got). Of course, sitting up all night was not good at all for my pregnant body and I started the day with super swollen elephant feet! I wasn't able to go to sleep because I had my ultrasound this morning. It was at the hospital and they really didn't give me much information except that they were sending the report to my doctor (who is out of the country right now). So I probably won't know much until my next appt which is scheduled for next Tues with the nurse practitioner (only a few days before the date that's already been set for my induction/c-section). Reagan seemed to have a little less chorea this morning, although it picked back up this afternoon and is still going strong right now (midnight). She's had a couple of crying outbursts today and her nausea has increased exponentially. She had two big throw ups this morning and then has been coughing and retching all night tonight. I decided to go ahead and switch her over to pedialyte for tonight to see if maybe that helps a little. Ugh. I am just so sick of these bad days. We really need to catch a break. Reagan (and her mommy and daddy) really need some rest! The exhaustion is really starting to set in! Please keep us in your prayers!


charity said...

praying for you guys to get some sleep and for reagan to start having some good days soon

Clarissa said...

Praying!! We just got over a few nights of no sleep! :(

Jamie - AZ said...

Poor Reagan & Mommy too!! Praying for relief of these bad days & some much needed sleep for you! Give your princess a hug.