Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unhappy girl

Reagan didn't sleep very well last night. She didn't last long in her bed and then even once I switched her over to her chair, she was very restless. She woke for good at 5am and never went back to sleep. She was also more whiny/fussy, especially last night and this morning. She's still very much on edge, super cold/clammy hands and feet, and just not a happy camper. I noticed she seemed a little nauseous today so I tried several times to drain her tummy. I never really got that much out of it, but then tonight she had a huge throw up. It was really several big throw ups one right after another...a couple of which were projectile. Poor thing. Hopefully that has passed and she'll be able to get some sleep tonight. We all could really use a good night's sleep. I keep finding myself dozing off while sitting up, I'm so tired. Please continue to keep our unhappy girl in your prayers.

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