Saturday, February 18, 2012

Too soon for bad days...

It's been a weird day all around. Last night Reagan slept OK but she was awake by 5am and never went back to sleep. Mike put her in bed with us but that didn't help either. Around 8am I got up with her and put her in her chair so I could go grab her medicine. I wasn't out of the room for 5 seconds when I heard a was her falling out of her chair! Granted, she doesn't just fall out of it, she leans all the way over til her body is almost touching the I know she didn't fall far...but that didn't matter! I was hysterical. I screamed for Mike and he ran in and I was in tears. Reagan was fine when I first picked her up (she didn't even have a mark on her) but once I broke into tears, so did she! Ugh. Not a good way to start the day...and it about sums up the rest of our day as well. Reagan was OK but any time Mike and I would start talking, she'd tear up and get all hysterical again. Even the tv would upset her, if it was too loud. We also noticed that her hands and feet were super cold and clammy. Several times when we put her in her chair today (with harness on), her torso would get so hot, one time she sweat all the way through her shirt!!! So temperature regulation is definitely off. Not a good sign. I can't believe we're already heading toward bad days again...she's really only had two good days this go round!!! Ugh. Stupid dysautonomia. Then this afternoon/tonight she has preferred to be held. Specifically, snuggled up, facing me with her head on my chest. When she's held like that, she seems perfectly content...even smiley. As of now, she's still awake, staring at Mike who's laying down with her and snoring! I sure hope she sleeps tonight. We all need some rest after this day!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Poor sweet Reagan and poor mommy! You must have been beside yourself.

Mixed emotions going on in the Guidry house as of late. A wide range of them as you await the birth of your precious and yes, big boy, but through it all you, just face forward and take the days for what they are and still see the beauty and the magic and the blessings of your days.

So proud of you.Love to you all.