Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet girl and baby update

Reagan slept the whole night through last night and then woke this morning a little after 7am. I think her night nurse was glad to get to see her awake (and happy) before she left. She's been a sweet girl again today. She's been talkative and smiley...but she has had a few instances where she seemed to be getting a little over stimulated and even gave the fat lip. She also seemed a little cranky toward the end of her "school" session but then she fell asleep and crashed for 3hrs...so maybe she was just tired. I sure don't like it that we're seeing even a little agitation on these days...everything should be ALL good right now at the beginning of a good streak. Please keep it in your prayers that she gets some sleep tonight and wakes up having a super good day tomorrow (especially since we have a temp nurse coming) and many more good days ahead.

In baby news...today I had an appt with my doctor's nurse practitioner (my doctor is still out of the country until Wed...her first day back is Thurs). The final report from the ultrasound I had last Friday said that Ryan was approx 8lbs 4oz. Based on that, he would still be under 9lbs this Friday...so instead of doing a c-section, they are going to induce on Friday. The plan is they will admit me Thursday night and administer Cervidil to ripen the cervix. Then Friday morning they will start Pitocin and hopefully everything will go quickly and smoothly and I'll have a baby by afternoon. What's funny is that even though he's slightly smaller than what they originally thought...I was measuring 41 weeks last week (at 37.5wks) and this week I'm measuring 44.5wks (at 38.5wks) and I didn't gain a pound!!! I literally can't go anywhere without causing a scene. Everyone has to stop me and ask me when I'm due, is it a boy, am I having twins (or triplets), etc... It's crazy!!! Granted, my belly is much larger than with Reagan (which I guess can be attributed to the fact that not only is it a boy, but a big boy) but I certainly wouldn't think it's something to get this much attention! I'm also having a horrible time sleeping. I can't get comfortable in any position (my hips are so achy...it's painful just to move). I'm pretty desperate so I think I might try to sleep in the recliner tonight. And my feet, they are beyond swollen! So I guess it's a good thing we're getting this show on the road a week early. I don't think I'd survive another week of this!!! Please keep us all in your prayers!!


Debbie said...

So excited for you guys! Holy moly that's a big boy....ouch!
You will be in my prayers as "the day " approaches...I can imagine you are ready to meet your sweet baby.

Many prayers and much love to you, Mike, Reagan and Ryan!

Lacey said...

That is a big boy! I emailed you, but I know you don't check it often. Alicia said you were wanting to sell Reagan's old tomato chair. We desperately need one, how much do you want??

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! So happy little Ms. Reagan is having good days. She is going to welcome Ryan home with all smiles. Such a sweet big sister. I will be thinking of you all.

Love, Shonda

Karen Owens said...

So exciting! Hope you can find some level of comfort until he comes!

The VW's said...

Praying for good days for Reagan, an easy delivery of that big boy, and great sleep for all of you! Hugs!

Shelly said...

How exciting!!! I have not been on your blog for months. What perfect timing to send you prayers and well wishes on introducing little Ryan.