Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet but not sleeping much

Reagan was a stinker last night in the sleep department...thankfully we had a night nurse. She went to bed around 11pm but then was back awake by 2am. She was kicking and moving all around, so after about 20min of that, the nurse just went and picked her up. She fell back to sleep in her arms and slept til 4am (just in time to say bye to Grandma) and then fell back to sleep and slept til sometime after 5am when she woke for good. She was a smiley happy girl though, so who could be mad at her! She was a good girl all day today. Still very active, lots of kicking and moving those legs around (she's got bruises on both knees from whacking things with her legs)! One thing we have noticed is her temperature regulation is a little off right now. Her hands and feet have been cold and clammy but her back gets all sweaty and overheats very easily. Hopefully she fights those bad days off because we still have some busy days ahead of us this week. I did get another call from the nursing agency today saying our Wed nurse is out for good...she's got a broken leg. I was fed up with the nonstop excuses and had it out a little with them (it's always something). Tonight they called to say they were sending someone new out tomorrow, so we'll see. Today I had my 35.5wk appt. I'm still measuring big, but only 2wks ahead this time. He's completely changed positions and is no longer head down...talk about stinker! Assuming I'm still pregnant at 38wks, she wants me to get another ultrasound to check his size. So no big news just yet. As uncomfortable as I've been, it seems I've still got a way to go. Oh well. No rush. I'm not exactly looking forward to dealing with two kids up in the middle of the night anyway.

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Jamie - AZ said...

Great baby news! Can't believe it is getting so close. If you don't already have a noise maker (I think our is called dream maker) sounds like a swooshing sound I highly recommend it for Ryan's room. This way if the princess wakes it muffles the sound. We did this for Jack because we are up in the night with Tatum so often, it really helps. He still sleeps with it at 2 and a half years old. That thing is worth gold to me! :) Our dogs can bark, the door bell, whatever nothing bothers him. Hugs & prayers