Friday, February 3, 2012

Super spunky

Reagan slept the whole night through and then woke up smiling around 7:30am. She's been super smiley and spunky all day today. Still moving a lot. Very vocal. Lots of squeals and other sounds coming from this girl all day. She had three therapies, speech, & OT...and she did great for all of them. It's so nice to finally see her feeling better. Her hand has been in her mouth a lot...but no biting. Tomorrow is the walkathon. The weather forecast is not good but I'm hoping somehow we'll get a break in the rain long enough to actually walk! Last year it was ice, this year rain! I guess having a walkathon in February has its risks. Reagan finally started winding down and looked like she might go to bed early around 9pm...but she was up and moving around again only 15min or so after laying her down. She fell back asleep again after 10:30pm, I'm hoping this time she's down for the night. We are all still trying to catch up on our sleep.

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