Saturday, February 25, 2012

Super nauseous but smiles

Reagan was up nearly the entire night again last night. She dozed off a little here and there, but mostly it was Mike and I dozing off. I stayed up with her til 2am and then Mike got up with her so I could sleep from 2-8 (and then he slept 8-12). She was very nauseous, having tons of chorea, and having bouts of crying/yelling that could wake the neighbors. But ever since I got up with her at 8am, she's been a lot more calm. Still super nauseous, making gagging faces nonstop and retching constantly, which is beyond painful to watch. Spit pools up in her mouth and she just can't control it. It's too much for her to swallow and she fights to keep it in her mouth, making it even worse! Poor girl. This continued all day long. It was hard to hold her because all she would do is arch backwards nonstop choking on her spit, so again she spent a lot of time in her chair today. This afternoon she did start giving us smiles (despite the nausea), which gave us a little hope that she might be trying to pull out of this. She never took a single nap, but finally around 11pm she began to doze off. Mike just laid her in bed at 11:50pm (for the first time in days) and she seems to be OUT (which is good because she was still extremely nauseous until the second she fell asleep). Thank you for your continued prayers for our girl. She really has been through a lot lately and I just pray that we're in for an extra long good streak this time around!

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charity said...

poor girl seems like she cant catch a break. hopefully she will have a longer period of good days coming so you guys can catch up on sleep before the new baby comes