Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still spunky

Reagan slept last night but woke up around 5am jib jabbering nonstop. I couldn't get back to sleep with her going on and on like that, so I just got up with her. We snuggled together in the recliner and both of us dozed off for a little while...but neither of us ever really got any more real sleep. She was precious though and I do love spending that quality time with her. She's been a sweet, smiley girl all day today. Still spunky and vocal but a lot less squealing/screaming than yesterday (see video from yesterday's post). Very active, kicking and squirming, hands in her mouth, hands in her hair. She's a turkey! Hopefully these good days will seems she's had way too many off/bad days lately. And we all definitely need some time to catch up on sleep!

1 comment:

Jamie - AZ said...

Love the pictures & umbrellas are adorable! Glad she is doing good. Prayers always! :)