Monday, February 6, 2012


Reagan slept fairly well last night. She did have one weird thing that happened. Around 1:30am I woke up to her making grunting sounds. She kept doing it over and over so Mike and I got up and took her into the living room. She never really woke up, her eyes were still closed and she continued grunting for maybe another minute or so, and then she completely relaxed and was out cold (so much so, we kept checking her to make sure she was breathing). We put her back in bed and turned up the monitor and she slept through til right around 5:30am. For some reason, her waking time seems to be getting earlier and earlier lately. First it was 6, now 5...I'm not a fan! She woke super sweet and happy though, so we just cuddled up and watched tv together. She's been a really good girl all day today. Very smiley, still squirmy, but less vocal than the last few days. Grandma and I ran around today trying to get some things to finish off Ryan's room. I'm glad we did because I've been having some pains today that make me think I might not be far off from having this baby! I've got an appt tomorrow with my doctor so I'm interested in hearing what she thinks. Not that I'm ready...I'm definitely not ready...but when are you ready? I've certainly reached the point of being uncomfortable doing just about anything. And unfortunately that includes sleeping. I'm exhausted but sleeping is no longer an easy task! Just getting into bed is a chore! OK...enough complaining. Time to try to get some sleep! We have a night nurse tonight so it won't be Reagan's fault if I don't sleep well.

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Zoey's Mom, Heather said...

I have been reading. Promise. And, of course you are tired. Who wouldn't be?
your plate is full and even more so.

I can't believe that baby is coming soon! I am so excited. I mean really excited.

Love to one and all.