Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleep overload

Reagan fell asleep early last night and then slept through til 11pm tonight! That's right, she slept over 24hrs straight and then decided that it was time to wake up just in time for bedtime tonight. In the small amount of time that she's been awake, it's so obvious that she feels much better. She's smiling and vocalizing a lot...she's too cute. Today she was OUT. She even had an appt with the mito doctor today and slept through us changing her clothes, putting her in and taking her out of the car multiple times, checking her vitals (talk about the easiest blood pressure reading ever), a med student and doctor checking her reflexes, a light being shined in her eyes...NOTHING was waking her up! Poor girl. She obviously needed that sleep. Now it's midnight and I gave her clonidine about 15min ago and she's back out. Time for me to fix her formula and get both of us to bed!!!


Cammie Heflin said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

Clarissa said...

love that she is getting her rest! Abigail is needing some good rest too... she is just barely hanging on when it comes to those nasty bad days! praying Reagan is doing well today!