Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sleep and some serious tears

Reagan finally slept!!! Granted, it was in the arms of the night nurse, but at least she slept! (she tried to lay her down once and she woke up, so she just held her the rest of the night) This also means that Mike and I finally got a good night's sleep! Oh sweet sleep. Reagan continued to sleep all day long. We kept checking on her all day, but she never budged (she also didn't have a single wet diaper). Then tonight I was in her room giving her some medicine and she was moving around, so I started talking to her and she was smiling and stretching and then she opened her eyes. She seemed happy enough so I picked her up and brought her into the living room, where she proceeded to freak out! She had been so sweet in her room and then she started screaming bloody murder! This went on for quite a while. It was a cry like something was really hurting her...a terrible cry that I haven't heard in quite sometime. She kept her eyes closed a lot, which makes me think she may have not been ready to wake up in the first place (I probably should have just left her alone). She did finally have a wet diaper and after I changed her I picked her up and the position I had her in (crunched over at the waist), seemed to help and she fell asleep. Of course she woke as soon as we tried to move her. I held her in a similar position and she fell asleep again. We were eventually able to transfer her back to her bed...I just hope she's able to stay asleep and she wakes up happy tomorrow!

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Zoey's Mom, Heather said...

Praying for sleep and smiles. Lots of sleep and lots of smiles.

Tera, I don't think I have told you lately how amazing you are. I think I have failed to adequately express to you, what an incredible mom I think you are. How I know, without a shadow of a doubt that Reagan has you and you her, for a reason.

You come to this space here and seldom complain. I talk to you often and I know what your days are like and I know how difficult things can be, but you choose to remain present in the moment, doing what you have to do, day to day, grounded in your faith and your deep love and devotion to your family.

I am proud to call you friend and I love you. I truly do.